Hindi is one of the most beautiful, versatile and eloquent languages widely spoken in India. In current scenario, migration to different parts of India for work or education is unavoidable. With no common language to interact other than English, which unfortunately is limited to a particular section of people, life could be highly desolate. Hindiknowledge is essentialto facilitate the move, build up the network and enjoy different cultures in India. Our training method includes group discussions, one-on-one interaction, active participation when presented with real life situations and different levels of age appropriate skill based activities. The knowledge, professionalism and expertise of the native Hindi speaking instructors will enable the process of learning quick and thorough.

Spoken Hindi

Spoken Hindi course is for students with little or no exposure in Hindi language. This course helps them experience full-fledged Hindi at close quarters and enjoy learning in a dynamic way.We make certain they understand the basic steps in framing sentences and apply them progressively with every passing day. The course starts with the basic level,gradually moves up to the intermediate and culminates at the advanced level at which point students will be able to converse confidently even in the most complex situations.

Coaching for IAS hindi Language Paper

It’s widespread knowledge that The Indian Civil Service is the supporting structure of India and holds lot of commendation and admiration. But what most people may not know is the rigorous standards of the examinations and how unfortunately many aspiring students fail to qualify the IAS examination because of lack of score in the compulsory language paper. Hence it is the recommendation of the UPSC to give importance to language paper and not treat it lightly.If Hindi is your chosen language and you are struggling to deal with it successfully, then the right thing to do is to reach out to us. Our guidance and training will vanquish your incompetence and put you in the comfortable position you would want to be.

Our exclusive Hindi coaching class for IAS will ensure that your language proficiency is built up gradually through communication and application of structures, vocabulary and strategies. We will help you to improve your answer writing skills and your ability to express your ideas rationally and effectively in Hindi. Our carefully prepared course module will focus mainly on comprehension,translation, complete grammar acquaintance ,synopsis and essay writing and We will regularly encourage you to discuss with the class, question papers from previous years,which will help you to prepare efficiently for your exam. Tips related to approach of the language, application of proper sequence in attempting the paper and areas that need special focus will be stated every now and then in the class.

Spoken and Written Hindi

  • Our Hindi language program integrates reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Through innovative techniques and meticulously designed course books,we introduce the script and the fundamental principles involved in effective speaking.
  • Phonetics, grammar, word formation, spellings are all given equal importance which in turn facilitates the learning process easy with no apprehension.
  • Ample scope for interaction in class helps in gaining control of the language and ascertain the learner’s response in appropriate situations.
  • Literary works and formal writings introduced to encourage reading habits as well as grasp the full implication of the intensity of the language
  • The Class work with required homework and activities helps bring acquired Hindi to life within the local community.